Metal Roofs

We offer quality McElroy Metal roofs to meet all of your metal roof needs. There is a growing list of reasons for the expanding use of metal in residential construction.

Leading the list is the extensive variety of exciting shapes and colors that today's products offer.

Did you know that a metal roof can help you save energy? Conventional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, absorb energy from the sun. These materials retain the heat, thus requiring more costly energy. At day's end our quality roofs cool more quickly because both the attic and your home remain cooler, saving you energy costs.

You can install a metal roof over your existing roof. Because of the light weight of metal, it is easily installed over existing roofing materials, without the disposal problems commonly associated with re-roofing projects. And, because McElroy roofing panels are installed in sheets, labor costs for installation are kept to a minimum

We are confident that we can exceed your expectations concerning a metal roof for your home or business.

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